Wednesday, April 1, 2009


If I see you hiding in the night by a peppercorn tree
the tree it moves ,lets me see what I wanna see
a poison gaze�f your mind is all that�s worrying me

The pictures that I see are seen by no one else but me
to cause the night to be in sight ,a little point of me
I imagine nearly anything I want to see

Black veils of melancholy falling on me
black veils keep shadowing my mind
black veils that make my mind seem small


Mahesh Nambiar said...

Wow!! She is very beautiful!! excellent work nideep..

kasana said...

Beautiful !!!
Both. Work and She.

Keep Inspiring.

anil.ks said...

..beautiful nideep..especially her eyes..

Riyaz said...

Kalip work.!

Satyajit.K.R said...

Kikidilam.. Expecting many more colours

Jarrett said...

Nice nice style!! Great exaggerations:)

Patchious patch said...

Hey cool!!..who is she ?